Custom sizes and thickness are available.
7/8” Furring Omega / Hat Channel
(33ksi, G40) 18mils (25gauge) Finish: G40
Geometric Properties
Depth 0.875 in Design thickness 0.0188 in
Width 1.250 in Min. steel thickness 0.0179 in
Yield stress, Fy 33 ksi Ultimate, Fu 45 ksi
Gross Section Properties of Full Section, Strong Axis
Cross sectional area (A) 0.070 in2
Member weight per foot of length 0.239 lb/ft
Moment of inertia (Ix) 0.009 in4
Radius of gyration (Rx) 0.356 in
Gross moment of inertia (Iy) 0.0422 in4
Gross radius of gyration (Ry) 0.774 in
Effective Section Properties, Strong Axis
Moment of inertia for deflection (Ix) 0.0085 in4
Section modulus (Sx) 0.0159 in3
Allowable bending moment (Ma) 26.23 ft-lb
Allowable shear force 323.7 lb
Ordering Information:
Stock Lengths: 10’-0” & 12’-0” long pieces
Packaging: (10) pieces per bundle – (440) pieces per pallet
Packaging weight: 25 lbs./bundle or 245 lbs./1000 ft.
ASTM & Code Standards:
• AISI North American Specification [NASPEC] 2001 Supplement
• Furring channel is produced to meet or exceed ASTM C645 and C955
• Galvanized sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A924 & A1003
• For installation & storage information refer to ASTM C1007 & C754
GREEN Benefits and Recycled Content:
LEED Credit MR 2 – Thalas products are manufactured from cold-formed steel. Steel is 100% recyclable, which helps divert debris from the waste
stream. The contribution to LEED must be calculated by the contractor based on weight or volume.
LEED Credit MR 4 – Thalas’s steel products have a minimum recycled content of 34.9%, of which 24.3% is post-consumer, and 9.4% is