100% Fiberglass, Alkali-Resistent – leno weave construction

Custom sizes and styles are available.
Width:48mm, 50mm
Quality: nine by nine (9 x 9) grid per square inch
Our fiberglass tape, a self-adhesive drywall joint tape is the best quality mesh tapes in use today. Our specially primed adhesive strength is intended to execute in all environments, this is especially important where heat and humidity may cause other products to meet with complications. Customer feedback has shown superior bond ratings versus our competition.
100% Fiberglass Mesh Joint Tape…..
is fiberglass strand material woven in a grid pattern; Thalas-Tape manufacturers by using a leno weave to help prevent unraveling and fraying; this leno weave used in the garment industry and commonly found on the backside of carpeting. In drywall application, most common is the self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape; where the grid coated with an adhesive; for the temporary adherence to allow tapers time for compound layer application.