Rockwool Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
The rocking is consisted of rock fiber, with its excellent thermal insulation performance, it is widely used in acoustics and industrial construction areas, so great advantage is cost-saving.

The Rock Wool Acoustic Ceiling are manufactured from high density dry felt resin bonded rock wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer, plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges, and the ceilings will be parallel to grids system after installation.

Installation Instructions:
Using exposed T-Grid system and Plane T-Grid system with width :15mm / 24mm.
Easy to trim and install
Both Metric and British Systems T-Grids are available

Texture Colors: white painted, white spray, black spray.

Packages and Specifications:

Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Packing(pcs/ctn) kgs/m2
600×600 15 20 2.3
600×1200 20 15 2.6

Main Characteristic:
Material: high density dry felt resin bonded with rock wool
Fire Resistance: Class A, non-combustible.
Humidity: dimensionally stable with RH up to 90% at 40℃, no sagging, wrapping or delaminating.
Moisture Rate: ≤1.0
Environment Friendly: green label material according to ASTM d5116-06 tested by PSB Tested in Singapore, the ceilings can also be recyclable.
Acoustics: excellent sound absorption.

Conference rooms, halls, opening office, cinema, classroom, etc.