Mineral Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
Custom sizes and thickness are available.

Typical Application Areas:

  • Hotel Lobbies and Corridors
  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Hospitals and other Public Site
  • Department stores
  • Super Malls
Technical Data:

  • Density (kgs/m3): 240-280kgs/m3
  • NRC: ≥0.55
  • Fire resistance: class a qualification (GB8625-88 STIPULATION)
  • Moisture rate (%): ≤3
  • Light reflect: 0.60-0.80
  • Bending strength(N): ≥60
  • Sagging resistant properties:≤0.35mm
  • HR: ≥90%

  • High humidity resistance properties
  • Excellent light reflectance
  • Environment-friendly
  • Wonderful sound-absorption
  • No content of asbestos
  • Zero release of CH2O
  • Economical Choice
Available Textures:

  • Astral Series: MA01, MA02, MA03,MA04,
  • Perforated Series: MP01, MP02,MP03
  • Fissured Series: MF01, MF02
  • Sand Series: MS01, MS02
  • Customized textures are available.
Size/Thickness/Edge detail

Size: 2’X2’ ; 595mm*595mm; 625*625mm
2’x4’ ; 625*1195mm, 618*1243mm
Thickness Range: 12mm – 20MM
Edge Detail:
Square edge for 15mm & 24mm T-Grid
Tegular edge for 15mm & 24mm T-Grid
Micro-lock tegular edge for 15mm T-Grid
Delivery Time: within one week for 1x40HQ after down-payment
Loading Port: Xingang Port China.

Loading Capacity

  • 12mm 12PCS/CTN 5520M2 per 1×40’HC
  • 13mm 10PCS/CTN 5011M2 per 1×40’HC
  • 14mm 10PCS/CTN 4600M2 per 1×40’HC
  • 15mm 10PCS/CTN 4392M2 per 1×40’HC
  • 18mm 10PCS/CTN 3506M2 per 1×40’HC