Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
The fiberglass acoustic ceilings and panels are usually used in partions of interior walls and interior roof,wich can effectively block off the noises interior and ouside,achieves the thermal insulation.

Main Application Areas:
The titles are manufactured from high density dry felf resin bonded fiberglass wool, with fine texture painted glass tissue facer,plain tissue backer and sealed and painted edges.The edges of two are are square ,while others are concealed, the titles will cover the suspension system after installation, they are easy to trim and install.

Installation Instructions:
Using exposed T-Grid system and Plane T-Grid system with width : 24mm.
Both Metric and British Systems T-Grids are available

Texture Colors: white painted, white spray,black spray,mix acoustic,customized colors as well.

Packages and Specifications:

Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Packing(pcs/ctn) kgs/m2
600×600 12/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/100 15 2.2
600×1200 12/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/100 15 2.2
600×1800 12/15/20/25/30/40/50/60/100 10 2.64

General Typical Performance:
Features: fiberglass acoustic ceiling use the high quality fiberglass as the base material, with the feature of high NRC, thermal insulation, fireproof, and decorative. It is widely used in environment has high sound absorption requirement, such as theatre, Cinema, Auditorium, Gymnasium, Library, School, Hospital, Office building, Shopping centre etc. With its high sound absorption features, it effectively improves the quality of people’s working and living, influence people’s psychological and physical well beings. It is a high class and novel suspended ceiling product.

Elegant Decoration
The surface of fiberglass ceiling is white, with a pure and gentle pattern, produces a comfortable feeling of the interior decoration, other colors can also be ordered.

Faceing Paints: Acrylic latex paint.

Material: High density dry felt resin bonded fiberglass wool.

Humidity: dimensionally stable with RH up to 95% at 40℃,no-sagging,wrapping or delaminating.

Light weight: it is light weight, easy carrying and installation; minimize health hazard associate with carrying and reduces workload and labour cost during installation.

Acoustic: Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling NRC is around 1.0, sound waves do not produce reflections on the surface, which can effectively control and adjust the indoor reverberation time, reduce noise, the improve sound quality.

Incombustibility (Fire-resitance)
Ceiling is made of glass fiber(rock wool) yarn, with fireproof coating on the surface and edge, achieves Class A incombustibility standard.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Saving
Effectively block the diffusion of cold and hot air indoor. It has thermal conductivity TR≥0.4(㎡.K/W), reduces the external temperature on the impact of indoor temperature, balance the temperature difference, effectively save energy.

Environmental Friendly
An environmental friendly product, using the environmental friendly raw material to ensure people’s health.Fungi and stains-resistance, a new type of green building material without pollution to the surroundings, also can be recycleablely, no radiation, does not contain any harmful substances.

Damp-proof (Humidity-resistance)
Demensitionally stable in high humidity, no-sagging,warapping or delaminating compared with normal wet-craft made mineral wool acoustical panle.Fiberglass can’t absorb the moist in the air, good performance of moist resistance, maintain the overall shape in any humid environment.

90% dry felt resin bonded fiberglass wool, longer fiber compared with mineral fiber, tight structure, solid tissue, non-absorbent, ceiling keeps stable dimension and decorative effect, no sagging, wrapping .

Non-Dust Fall
The paints are being high-pressure sprayed to the surface, high adhesion with sealed edge, no dust, effectively against airborne dust absorption, so that the board can maintain a clean indoor environment.

Convenience and Safety
The surface of product does not have any fiber falling off, keeps the site clean and tidy. Both exposed and concealed grids can be applied for installation. Because of light weight and various dimensions available, ceiling are widely used in construction with large-spans in space, such as gymnasiums, airport, shopping mall and office etc. It is easy to install, repair and replace.

Sound Absorption
Reverberation refers to the persistence of a sound after its source has stopped, that is the reason causes the noises in the indoor areas. Solving this problem is essential in places such as shopping centre, exhibition hall and offices; fiberglass acoustic ceiling and partition attained above Class A standard of indoor reverberation noise reduction factor; they are the ideal solutions,the fiberglass ceiling is a newand special green building materials, it has remarkable advantages compared with other ceilings.

With spcecial painted surface, fiberglass ceiling has a long-life span,and it seldom absourb dust or vacuum,regular cleaning will keep ceiling surface clean and tidy.

Light Reflectance
The fiberglass ceiling can achieve 0.90 wich is regarded as high light reflectance ceiling(according to ASTM E1477-98),They can increase the light reflectance,achieve energy saving and also can reduce the galre and flashes of light and shade,so that can better protect and relax eyes.